Our new apartment

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We're on the second floor of this house (door on the left). There is currently no one on the first floor and it is being renovated just like the second floor was (Note the truck in the driveway). It sounds like the work is going a little slower than expected due to some unexpected problems. Our landlord is trying to get done with all the big things like the plumbing before we move in so that they won't have to interrupt our water to work on the first floor.

The house has a small back yard (and a smaller side yard on the other side). We're hoping to have a grill set up and if we're lucky some lawn furniture but we're going to be sharing the yard with someone else. The driveway holds 4 cars without any car blocking another car. That's very nice.

Front Front again Sun Room Sun Room Sun Room
Living Room The Office Living Room Dining Room Dining Room
Kitchen Kitchen Master bedroom Second bedroom Second bedroom
The Bathroom Bathroom again Front stairs Front stairs