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Welcome to our Honeymoon Web page!

Disclaimer!!!  This page is no where near done!  In fact it's barely begun.

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One of the most immediate benefits of getting married is the honeymoon!  Melissa and I were really starting to look forward to this in the days leading up to the wedding.  Not that we weren't looking forward to the wedding too, but there's a lot of stress involved with that!  The Honeymoon was purely for own fun. 

After the wedding on Saturday June 28th, 2003, we took a day off (Sunday) and headed off for our Honeymoon on Monday.  In retrospect we would have liked two days off!  If we'd done that we would have missed out on a day in Disney, so we were probably better off with what we did.  I'll tell you though, getting up at 4:00am on Monday was really tough!  Amazingly enough, it was actually harder on Melissa than it was on me.

Our Honeymoon consisted of 5 days in Orlando Florida at Disney World (6/30/2003 - 7/5/2003), then a week in St. Lucia (7/5/2003-7/12/2003).  We did it this way so we would have the week to relax at the end.  This worked out really well.  Being at Disney was as busy (if not busier) than getting married!  We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney (see the button to the left for more information there) which was our base of operations.  We stayed on Disney property the whole week using the Disney busses to get around from park to park.  On the next Saturday, we had to get up early again (3:15am I think) to head off to St. Lucia.  This included a connecting flight in San Juan so it took a bit of time.  Luckily our flight into St. Lucia landed at the norther airport rather than the southern one (which we were expecting) as we had a 10 minutes taxi ride to Windjammer Landing rather than an hour+ ride.  Not only did it save us a lot of time, but it also cost us about $150 less!  The following Saturday we actually got to get up at a resonable time to head to the airport around 12:00.  The airport is only about 200 feet long, so we're not sure why they told us to get there two hours in advance. We sat in the "gate" for almost the whole two hours.  The only travel problems we had were on the return flight where our flight into San Juan from St. Lucia was late, which would have caused us to miss our connection in San Juan had our flight from there to Boston not been delayed!  We ended up with a couple hours of waiting in San Juan before flying to Boston to get in after midnight.  The poor guy from the car service had to wait a little less than three hours longer to pick us up.  He took it pretty well.

Here we are at home.  Poor Melissa went back to work Monday (7/14/2003) while I took Monday and Tuesday off to ease back into it.  That was one of the best decisions I've made recently!  My goal was to get most of this web page done during those two days.  It'll be a miracle if that happens!  Please keep your eye on this page until it's done!

Please explore the links to the left!  I've included what I considered the best of the pictures of each topic in the pages.  Be thankful.  I took 1700 pictures over the 12 days.  You can use the "Best pictures" to see the ones I selected all in the same place, or if you're brave you can use the "All pictures" link on the bottom left to see all of them seperated by day.


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