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   Melissa and I spent a fair amount of time looking for a church for our wedding.  In fact this was the first thing we decided to plan.  We wanted to find a location with that classic New England look.  We were looking for a "neutral" location and fairly quickly decided that a Unitarian Church would be a good fit.  It also happens that many Unitarian Churches are the archetypical New England style church.

   Before I confuse anyone, in 1961 the Unitarian Church and the Universalist Church merged to become the Unitarian Universalists.  In many places (the previous paragraph for instance) the church is referenced as just the "Unitarian Church."  For more information about the Unitarian Universalist organization and its history you can visit

   Unitarian's and Unitarian Universalist's are known for their liberal ways and open congregations and are very welcoming of couples who are looking for a "neutral" wedding location.  This was great for us as we were somewhat worried about finding an appropriate location.

   The Unitarian Universalist Church we chose is the First Parish Church in Framingham Massachusetts.  Ironically this particular church does not exactly fit the New England style we were originally looking for.  The outside is not all white painted wood but we both loved the gorgeous inside.

   First Parish can trace its roots back to 1698 when the first structure was built for what would eventually become the First Parish congregation.  The church went through many changes over the years until the current Meeting House (as the buildings seem to be called) was built in 1927.  (The previous Meeting House had burned down in1920)  You can visit the First Parish web site at

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