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   Melissa and I spent a fair amount of time looking for a church for our wedding.  In fact this was the first thing we decided to plan.  We wanted to find a location with that classic New England look.  We were looking for a "neutral" location and fairly quickly decided that a Unitarian Church would be a good fit.  It also happens that many Unitarian Churches are the archetypical New England style church.

   Then...  We decided to have the ceremony at the Lyman Estate.  If you would still like to see the old page I had set up for the church we had picked out, please click *here*.

   Having the ceremony at the Lyman Estate made a lot of sense to us.  Neither one of us is very religious and neither of us has a church to call our own.  With that and the beautiful grounds of the Lyman Estate in mind we decided to attempt to have an outdoor wedding there (Don't worry, we can fit everyone in the Ballroom for an indoor ceremony too).  Since the Lyman Estate is a place that we can visit any time it will also be more "ours" than a random church we picked because we liked the look of it.

   Please go to the Reception page to see pictures of the Lyman Estate.  Many of the "Outside" pictures are from the "back yard" of the Estate.  This is where we hope to have the ceremony.  Wish us luck. :)

   I hope to eventually have some selected pictures of the grounds here to point out possible locations of the ceremony.