The Lyman Estate (The "Vale"), Waltham MA


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   The Lyman Estate was one of the first reception sites that Melissa and I visited.  We liked it but wanted to see what else was available.  We were looking for something a little different.  There are a number of old estates and large homes in Massachusetts that we investigated.  The Lyman Estate was one, others were The Paine Estate (Stonehurst) also in Waltham, The Commanders Mansion in Watertown.  We also tried a few Inn's, notably the Wellesley Inn (not recommended) and the Sudbury Inn (At least I think that was it).  The Sudbury Inn was nice, but not exactly what we were looking for.

   In the end we chose the Lyman Estate; by far it was the nicest place we saw.  It was the first thing we decided on for the wedding and it has set the tone for the rest - Simple yet Elegent.  At least we hope so.

   The buttons below lead to pictures of each piece of the estate.  There are pictures from late winter, spring (one) and from around the end of June.

The outside of the mansion as well as many of the grounds.
The largest room in the house, this is where the dance floor will be, some tables as well as the bulk of the activities. This is also where the ceremony will be if it rains.
Just off the ballroom is the East Parlor, some tables will be set up here.
In the middle of the first floor is the Oval Parlor. Some tables will be set up here as well.
The library will be set up for lounging and the most importantly it is where the bar will be set up.
The dining room table will be the stage for the desert buffet.
Upstairs are both the Bride's Room and the Groom's Room. Melissa will be putting on the final touches in the Bride's Room.
Some miscellaneous pictures of hallways as well as the floor plan and some literature.